Abs are made in the kitchen

You may be asking yourself: What does “Abs are Made in the kitchen” mean?

The abdominals or belly is an area that is controlled by not only the amount of exercise one does but more importantly how much you eat. Most people fail to recognize this when they begin an exercise program. As a personal trainer I am careful not to mislead clients into believing that when they begin an exercise regimen, the pounds will be melt off by just exercise alone. If fact, if weight-loss is a goal, I believe that diet accounts for roughly 90% of the changes a person will see when they embark in an exercise regime and nutrition program.

Midlife women today represent a growing population that is unprecedented at 45 million strong in the United States alone. Despite the negative connotations that menopause has had, some are able to get through the symptoms rather easily and do avoid significant weight gain. Much research shows that many women, who eat well and have had an exercise regimen for most of their lives do particularly well. You may be asking, “what if I have eaten poorly and have been inactive”? The news is still good: changes can be made provided you are willing to adjust your eating habits and begin an exercise program.

This book will help women gain a clear perspective on metabolism, exercise, and diet during the years when a woman is about to undergo perimenopause, and during and after menopause. You’ll learn how to implement a comprehensive 12-week training regimen along with sample meal plans (written by Tracy Grandberry), that will help you achieve success.  One of the many challenges is convincing clients that food can actually be tasty and they don’t have to deprive themselves of the food they like.

Over the last twenty-one years, my female clients have given me invaluable insight into their exercise misconceptions along with they deem as proper eating.  

My own experiences with exercise and nutrition, and my work with mid-life women clients have allowed me to put together an easy to use meal plan and exercise regimen that will educate women about the changes they may experience at this time of their lives.

One thing is clear: not exercising is not an option.

In these pages I will share some experiences that will include the following:

Learn some simple guidelines that will assist you with weight loss through healthy eating.

Educate you on how metabolism works.

Show you the benefits of a strength training and cardio program.

Contrary to what you have heard, menopause doesn’t have to be a time that many women dread. My hope is this book will help you ease into the transition of menopause with some easy to follow tips by providing you with updated research that goes against the grain of conventional myths regarding menopause.

Joanne has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, and is currently employed as a personal trainer at The Claremont Club, Claremont California. Joanne works with all populations and specializes in working with women entering perimenopause or menopause.

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